Friday, February 3, 2017

Baby #2

After I woke up, I started my day by teaching little Jayce how to walk. Or, at least, trying to...

During the middle of which, I was stopped in the realization that I was pregnant with Baby #2!

The little kitten I adopted has adapted well to her new home! Of course, she's a little small, so it's hard to get used to. I keep feeling like I'm going to lose her in this big house. But she always seems to find me with ease.

I was greeted in the middle of the night by an odd, green skinned Sim. I jumped as I opened the door, the black eyes seeming to stare into my soul. The creases of the thing's lips curved up at my reaction. "Uh. Hi," I muttered. Were aliens commonplace in the future? I wondered.

The alien seemed pleased at the bump that was my stomach. It muttered some things under its breath before giving me an acknowledging nod and walking away. I felt rather uneasy after that, but I guess it was just a weird thing. After all, everything here is weird and foreign to me.

I slept well that night.

 Mipsy, our little kitty, was enjoying her little toys. I think she looks so lonely in this home. I may have to adopt her a little playmate.

The next day I was feeling rather house-ridden. I needed some fresh air! So I took Jayce with me to a local festival.

It was pretty fun. I participated in the eating contest! Or, actually, the girl who was competing with me randomly ducked out at the last minute leaving me with a ton of hotdogs. That means I won by default, right?

Finally, in the dusk that was becoming night Jayce learned to walk! Yay, Jayce! 

Took a picture of us and put it on the wall. 

Prototype 005 was feeling obligated the next morning, I guess. It was teaching Mommy's Little Boy to talk.

After that I decided to work some more on my writing. Although this futuristic house is great, I still need a little bit of money to pay for all our basic necessities.

Soon after I went into labor! Prototype was freaking out!

....And, it's a little girl! Who I decided to name Monique! She has these weird little sparkles floating around her. Can you guess? She's a fairy!

She also looks like a little mini-Salline, aside from the eyes. How cute!

Jayce grew into a child!

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