Friday, February 3, 2017

Baby #2

After I woke up, I started my day by teaching little Jayce how to walk. Or, at least, trying to...

During the middle of which, I was stopped in the realization that I was pregnant with Baby #2!

The little kitten I adopted has adapted well to her new home! Of course, she's a little small, so it's hard to get used to. I keep feeling like I'm going to lose her in this big house. But she always seems to find me with ease.

I was greeted in the middle of the night by an odd, green skinned Sim. I jumped as I opened the door, the black eyes seeming to stare into my soul. The creases of the thing's lips curved up at my reaction. "Uh. Hi," I muttered. Were aliens commonplace in the future? I wondered.

The alien seemed pleased at the bump that was my stomach. It muttered some things under its breath before giving me an acknowledging nod and walking away. I felt rather uneasy after that, but I guess it was just a weird thing. After all, everything here is weird and foreign to me.

I slept well that night.

 Mipsy, our little kitty, was enjoying her little toys. I think she looks so lonely in this home. I may have to adopt her a little playmate.

The next day I was feeling rather house-ridden. I needed some fresh air! So I took Jayce with me to a local festival.

It was pretty fun. I participated in the eating contest! Or, actually, the girl who was competing with me randomly ducked out at the last minute leaving me with a ton of hotdogs. That means I won by default, right?

Finally, in the dusk that was becoming night Jayce learned to walk! Yay, Jayce! 

Took a picture of us and put it on the wall. 

Prototype 005 was feeling obligated the next morning, I guess. It was teaching Mommy's Little Boy to talk.

After that I decided to work some more on my writing. Although this futuristic house is great, I still need a little bit of money to pay for all our basic necessities.

Soon after I went into labor! Prototype was freaking out!

....And, it's a little girl! Who I decided to name Monique! She has these weird little sparkles floating around her. Can you guess? She's a fairy!

She also looks like a little mini-Salline, aside from the eyes. How cute!

Jayce grew into a child!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Baby #1

I spent the next day doing some trivial things, just to familiarize myself more with this new technology. It actually wasn't too bad once you got used to it. I was pretty in love with the food synthesizer, or at least, the baby in my belly was. Pizzaaaaaaaa...

I soon decided to try my hand at writing. I decided that I wasn't ready for a real job in this new world until I could at least not burn myself at home. Plus, with a new baby in the household soon, it wouldn't be a good idea anyways. But at least through writing a few short stories or so I could earn a few extra bucks.


The crazy robot thing, Prototype 005, kept trying to go swimming! Although, it does take a while of being in the water for it to need a recharge. Still though, won't it... rust? Or something? Nevertheless, I finally convinced it to do something productive like read. Though I'm not sure it will help, considering robots are pretty genius already.

It was pretty neat, I had to admit. The way it was so fast, floating, not needing any legs. Plus it was handy to have around the house. It could fix whatever was broken. That's one thing the past needed.... robots.

I yawned and sat up in my bed. I was getting pretty used to this future bed thing. It was really comfy, and I could sleep like a baby. No, better than a baby. Most babies hardly sleep through the night.

I wondered what my family was doing. Did they even exist in this world? Could they just be here, right under my nose, without me to recognize them? Or could it be that my family line still lives somewhere in this future? I was so curious about it all. Maybe it was time to go find things out. Outside the house.

The real first time outside took my breath away. It was all so different. The trees looked so odd, and the houses were so weird. But yet... it was strangely beautiful. It seemed like everything was in sync, in a harmony that I couldn't recognize.

Walking through town, I came to this huge dome-like structure. It seemed as though the townies were having some sort of festival, so I decided to visit. This could be exactly what I was looking for! Maybe I would meet some nice people who have some answers. For what, I'm not quite sure.

The first time I've seen any real fruit or plants since I woke up a few days ago! I decided to pick some to take home with me. Maybe make a good homemade meal with it. At least it would taste as bad as it did back in the past.

I was just barely beginning my fun when the baby decided to come!!

Baby #1: Jayce Trish

Prototype 005 helped me out with Jayce while I went scouting for the next challenge father. Oh, the joys of doing the challenge once more.....

Mew, mewwwwwww, I heard outside the door as I put Jayce to sleep. I gently opened the door and let out a squeal as I beheld what was in front of me. A cute little multi-colored kitten, lost and abandoned. I picked up the small little pet and brought it inside from the rain. "You poor thing," I mumbled as I petted its soft fur. I gave it some food and laid down for a nap. I promised to get it a bed when I could.

As the day came to a close, I felt a little more at ease. I just wished I knew more about my family.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Starting Over

I sat up groggily, blinking in the darkness. Where was I? I remembered the fire.. the kids, I had to get the kids! Wait.. That's gone. Their screams. I remembered screaming. And then... it was all over. Images of the fire coursed through my mind.

What happened? Everything was gone. I lost everything. I've given up so much in this life and only to be struck down once more. And... we moved. That's right, we moved to the cemetery where I should be now. What am I doing here? I'm..... back?

I sat up and screamed, feasting my eyes upon what was in front of me. A screen? But.. it was halfway see-through. I looked at the volcano screened on the wall. "W-What is this p-place?" I asked to nothing in particular.

"You are in the future," I heard a high-pitched computer voice.

I jumped up and looked at the figure before me. Some kind of hovering robot creature. But it seemed nice enough, so I asked it an array of questions. "Future? But.. I was at home in Sunset Valley, and.. I was.. I was dead," I whispered.

"I cannot tell you anymore than what I know. You were given another chance. My master ordered me to instruct you in these ways: start your challenge over, and you MIGHT get to see your family again."

"My family! Where are they! Where is this master of yours! I demand to know!"

"I'm sorry. I cannot divulge that information."

"So... How long will I be here?"

"My master said you must finish your challenge that you started in your previous life state."

I couldn't believe what I was being told. Start my challenge over? I quit that after I died. It was the best yet worst thing in my life. I loved my kids, with everything in me. But yet.. it was so hectic, worrying about who the next challenge father would be. But to get my kids back? I would battle the world. I thought long and hard, and finally, "I"ll do it."

I spent most of the rest of the day learning just exactly how all the new technology in this world worked. I was amazed yet in a way not so impressed by everything. There was projector televisions, robots, hovering cars, and even projecting plants that can change color or type with just a request! But it wasn't all that bad.

Actually, there is this machine that automatically prepares whatever food you want if you ask. Except, I don't think I done it right because it sprayed stuff at me when I first done it. I guess I'll just have to get everything ready, and then go looking for challenge fathers.

It didn't take as long as planned, though. Someone came to introduce me to the neighborhood. His name is Robi, He seemed interesting enough, with interesting hair features. But most of this future seems pretty weird so I guess it's normal. I made sure he knew of the rules of the challenge before initiating his

I spent the extra time getting to know this strange bot, or Prototype 005 as it calls itself. Perhaps if I became friends with it, it might let me know more about this "master."

And with this I will leave you. We expect baby #1 soon!

(Note: I actually have lost Salline's save so many times.. but I was able to recover her, so here's to a new start! Cheers! xDD Let me know if you have any tips or want to suggest names.. I'm going to try and not use any names from her last challenge if possible. lol.)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Guess it's Goodbye

"So Mom, when is your next pregnancy going to be, seeing as Kathy and Zach have moved out?" asked an ever curious Sunny.

"Never," I replied simply.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

"There comes a time in your life when you begin to realize all the many things you never paid attention to before."

"O-kay," he said slowly and awkwardly.

I sighed. It was true. I was quitting the challenge, although I didn't like to look at it that way. I mean, how could I continue the challenge? What was the point of it other than having the ability to say that you had had 100 kids. I loved them all dearly, of course, but why bring them into this torturous world with a shameful ghost mother? Not even with a good fatherly figure. Used to, they had Alex. But now, it's just me and them. Not a great combination.

The kids would come home with tears in their eyes. People who had made fun of them from being in a family of ghosts. Different is good, I would always tell them. But could I convince myself?

And having to live with the fact that my kids are growing older than I. It's not natural. Parents are not supposed to outlive their children. But then again, I'm not technically alive. Either way, I interact with them, and they're older than me. That isn't right in my mind, and I'm not sure than I can ever see it that way.

I'm living an unnatural life. Maybe I should have just let myself go. That is the natural way of things, and I don't like feeling as though I'm defying fate. If there is such a thing.

Besides, 33 children is plenty enough for me. I've realized that I've raised them, and haven't done much after. I should involve myself in my existing children's lives before creating new ones. Do my children feel neglected? Maybe this challenge wasn't such a great decision in the first place. I was young and naive, and what did it do? Luna is gone, I'm a single mother of 33 children, and I'm a ghost. Such a good life, huh?

I don't blame my kids, of course. Without me they wouldn't be here today, and I really really really do love them. But I can't budge the thought of how my life might have been if Luna really had stopped me from doing the challenge. She might still be alive . . . There's not a day that I don't think of her.

But what can I do? I can't go back in time. Or, at least, I wouldn't. That would be altering the laws of the world. Which I have done enough of. No, now it's time to live with my earlier decisions and now this one. This is probably one of the most complex decisions I have made in life. Sure, making the decision to start the challenge was tough, but I was so young that I just jumped into it instead of thinking ahead.

So, then, why should we be able to live the lives of humans even if we truly aren't? I can't simply beg Grim for death, obviously, but I can live like I am supposed to, can't I? I couldn't really leave because my children. As ghostly or not that they may be, they have lives to live that they couldn't because I brought them into this world as ghosts. It's unfair to them. I wonder if they feel this way..

On the outside they seem happy, but is that really the case, especially when they come home crying?

Rai and Ralyn asked to move out with Kathy and Zach, so I let them. I don't blame them for wanting to leave early.

So I've made the decision that we're going to leave. I haven't told the kids yet, but I believe it will be better for them to live with others like us. Might even give them a bit of closure. And if our time comes, then it comes. We will be ready for whatever may happen.


Now, maybe we can live the lives we were supposed to . . and be happy with it.

Good bye guys! Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have!